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that has good qualities, and then you have to get to know them, and go through the whole dating process, while this [website] is just a click away," said Marina."You just hang out for two hours, and then you say goodbye, you go your ways, it's amazing," she continued.

"You have all different types of men that you could choose and you choose how to spend your time with them."While this one-and-done date seems like a fun solution to typical dating, relationship expert Donna Barnes said hiring a companion could hurt women's chances at finding real love."It's really dangerous when you start putting too much emphasis on the package of who someone is," Barnes said.

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ETMarina ended up choosing Eric, whose Rent-A-Gent profile described him as someone who "loves the outdoors, culture and also active and social causes," for a rock-climbing date -- something she had never done before but always wanted to try."It's very hard to find a man ...

I can't give them something crappy where they're going to be like, 'I could have met that guy at the bar.'"Shikhman said she and the other Rent-A-Gent casting ladies are looking for their men to meet three criteria."They have to be handsome, they have to be intelligent and educated, and they have to have some kind of talent," she said. And they're like, 'Well, I want to watch my wife have sex with this guy.' And we say, 'Sorry, this is not that kind of service.'"Shikhman said the Rent-A-Gent standard draws the line at making the men do something naked.

During the audition, Shikhman has the men show off their bodies, sometimes asking them to take off their shirt, and demonstrate their talent, whether it's plumbing or dancing. But install a ceiling fan wearing only their underwear? While it may seem like harmless fun, the service can come off to some as simply objectifying men, but Shikhman disagrees, saying, "It's the modern world and we have lots of different options."Eric, who was selected for Marina's date, said that he doesn't get that feeling of being used when he works for Rent-A-Gent."I don't feel used, because I think it's a different thing than that," he said.

Sara Shikhman, the co-founder and CEO of Renta, and a panel of judges carefully select each gent in casting sessions, weeding out many of those who audition and selecting the best of the best."The process is very rigorous, because men think they can do it all, and all kinds of men show up," Shikhman said.

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Again, this is not a sex service, Shikhman said, though she admits that some of the calls to Rent-A-Gent are from clients looking to be promiscuous."Some of the calls are like this: 'Hey, I want to hire a guy and my wife is going to go to dinner with him. "We're going there to have fun, and I think so far the people that I've encountered have been very fun women."So how did Marina's rock climbing date with Eric go?

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