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Where τ Slip on most faults in the upper crust occurs during earthquakes, and some of the strain energy that is released during the earthquakes is radiated away by elastic waves, but most suppose that the radiated energy is a small fraction (∼5 mm/yr, but that slip absorbs relative motion between the Arabian and African plates.For much of its length, the Kunlun fault in northern Tibet lies along the southern edge of the Qaidam Basin (Fig.Strike slip along the Longitudinal Valley fault in Taiwan (Fig.A9), at least in places, seems to be rapid, if the data that we have compiled contain inconsistencies (see Appendix).The Cayman Trough contains two narrow strike-slip fault zones with a short segment of spreading between them.Deformation clearly is localized on the strike-slip faults.To address this question, we summarize data concerning major strike-slip faults with the view of asking, to what extent do major strike-slip faults develop adjacent to marked heterogeneities in strength?

The need for such localization of strain and the evolving development of lateral variations in material properties along the Altyn Tagh fault poses another question: are heterogeneities in strength a necessary prerequisite for localization of strain within the mantle?Thus, some degree of localization should develop within a homogeneous viscous substance near its boundaries with more viscous material.We tested the idea that deformation near the Altyn Tagh fault, which bounds the rigid Tarim Basin on the north from the deforming Tibetan Plateau to the south, occurs without additional weakening such as by dissipative heating or grain-size reduction, and hence that the material properties of lithosphere beneath Tibet and beneath the Tarim Basin remained constant as deformation accumulated (Dayem et al., 2009).Before pursuing these questions, we review the basic reasoning that underlies asking such questions in the first place.We first give a brief discussion of how nonlinear viscosity can enhance the concentration of strain near a strong region in a continuously deforming medium.

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Brittle fracturing of the upper crust, however, cannot alone account for the existence of major faults.

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