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3 month time limit for backdating

Also, the one month backdating rule totally contradicts the 6 week time limit you get to register your child's birth - I mean, not everyone has a name picked out and agreed on prior to birth.

Surely the backdating rule should coincide with that?

If you want, you can fill the form in at two in the morning.

If you want to claim Housing Benefit, do it straight away.Good reasons can include if you were: There may be other good reasons why you have claimed late.The council must look at your individual circumstances and decide whether your delay in claiming was reasonable. If you are not happy with the decision you can ask the council to look at it again. And since April, when the government changed the rules, the maximum length of time it can be backdated for has been reduced from six months to one month. Many backdating requests used to be about someone telling us that they couldn’t make an application for a practical reason.They couldn’t physically come in to collect or complete a form or they sent us a form but it was lost in transit.

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So, even if you have an appointment scheduled at the registration office the same day as the birth, it is still going to take longer than a month from your baby's date of birth before you can update your tax credit claim so you are always going to lose out on a couple of weeks of pay.