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They can be broken down into short zones (usually netting roughly 2 levels) and longer zones (netting 3 slightly more).

In general it is worth doing all quests that appear in the Order Hall.Faction tagging however is still a thing, so be aware of other opposing players around you.Take advantage of this by landing a hit on creatures other players are attacking for bonus credit toward completion.Each zone comes with a subsequent dungeon quest when you finish the main zone storyline, rewarding a piece of Item Level 800 gear and a large boost of experience, usually totalling around 30-35% of a level inside the dungeon.You can do dungeons along the way as they are worth the time, but only if you have the appropriate quest.

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If you are leveling for the first time and run into a world quest in the zone you are in under attack, it is also advised to complete it, but do not run across the map or to other zones to complete them if you have not unlocked that area.

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