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Often, my supervisor will take days off (either for personal reasons or for his second job) and inform me the day before so that I know I’ll essentially be in the office alone (GAs work 20 hours a week).Sometimes he just leaves early for the day, other times he’ll be gone for 2-3 days at a time.It’s pretty weird that they haven’t already taken steps to deal with this though.Who wants their business disrupted all the time like that? My boss takes weeks to approve my vacation requests I work at a very small college in a very small office (2 full-time professionals, 2 graduate assistants).I need to be able to plan so that I’m able to use this part of my benefit package.What can I do to get answers from you more quickly?I recently found out that the contractors who got me my position are making money off of my hours.

An employee’s wife has been coming up to our workplace for over a year and causing a distraction.If she were to go crazy, then all of our lives are in danger.Management is aware of the situation and has done nothing but talk to employee about the situation. Well, if your management isn’t willing to take any action, there’s not much you can do.In most of the events that have take place, the police have come out to remove her from the property.I feel that the employee and his wife are a threat to the other employees who work here.

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First, I don’t think they would hire carefully, because why should they care since they are leaving?